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  1. Hola, estaríamos muy interesados en la compra de uno de vuestros mastines. Son todos maravillosos, y llevamos un tiempo viendo cachorros, pero los vuestros nos han parecido irresistibles, pero especialmente nos gustan los de color “lobato” que podría resultar del cruce de Macizo y Cereza. Me gustaría saber el precio ya que no lo he podido ver en la pagina web.Muchas gracias y espero sus noticias.Susana.

  2. Nazi Germany was a “western” country. The Soviet Union was a “western” country. Facist Italy was a “western” country.Kicking in the door in the middle of the night is definitely a “western” tradition, and Israel is following right in that path as a fascist state.

  3. We've always made it without the marble, and had it turn out. I need to put it back on my list of to-do's, because I doubt the younger children remember the last time we made it. The banana bread looks wonderful!

  4. Shekhar,even if nepal becomes part of union of india or union of united states of america, someone should run the state of nepal… we need some rules and politicians…. at that time also the same politicians will be seen and so will be the dirty politics… there will be no “banda” of “banda” and the same thing will continue until the people change their attitude… and until they get some visionary leader

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  6. Buna, am gasit pe net orarul de la Parndorf si am vazut ca dumninica este inchis..eu as vrea sa intru pe acolo cand ma intorc de la revelion din Kaprun, dar asta va pica exact duminica:(…stii ceva despre orarul de functionare din weekend? Multu!!!!!

  7. (Continued.) Cmon, any explanation used for this case is going to be way more farfetched than believing aliens are coming here. More in the world of science should listen to the likes of Michio Kaku. He notes in his book Hyperspace that the same year that the atom was discovered there were many scientist that refused to believe in atoms because at the time there was no way to prove they existed.

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  9. विशाल खरंय अगदी!!मला खरं तर जास्त लिहायचा कंटाळा आला होता, म्हणुन हा असा प्रकार ट्राय केला. पुर्वी पण एकदा कथा लिहायला घेतली होती, पण नंतर शेवटी चक्क गुंडाळली , कंटाळा आला म्हणून.

  10. – This picture is pretty awesome!! I go ice staking and I also take pictures, I never would have thought of taking a picture just like this. I love the colors in the picture and the story that can go behind it. Thanks for the viewing.

  11. Keep in mind “3. Is TVO a registered charity? TVO is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. TVO’s charitable registration number is 85985 0232 RR0001. All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt from the CRA”. From TVO web page above.

  12. Leandro disse:Meu caro, fiz todos os passos do tutorial e não deu certo para mim. Tenho um AA1 com 1 gb de memória, HD de 8 SSD e proc. Atom.Não consegui ativar o comando Reg1.reg e nem Reg2.reg. O arquivo ntldr, aparece apenas como arquivo e não como arquivo do sistema. Acho que o erro pode estar ai. Os comandos reg1 e 2, acho que não funcionaram ….. Como executar este comando ? Fico no aguardo.Leandro

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  14. I don't know why every thing is up in the air about the Obama's statement about Pa. state about guns and faith. Why don't Pa say what can Obama's do for that state to keep them from being bitter. I'm a christance yes I cling to my faith, this is the time for Pa. to say what can you do for us? to keep them from being bitter. May be Obama was blind by clinton kicking down a shot and chaseing it with a beer.Beatrice from Chicago

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  17. I think some meandering isn't a bad thing, but nowadays that character development looks a little different. It seems like characters need to be developed in the motion of the plot, that readers want both at once without slowing the pace. At least that's what I've noticed in fantasy and science fiction, though fantasy does tend to meander more than other genres. Science fiction can, too.

  18. I don’t remember seeing this ad during the Super Bowl, but it was very interesting. I liked the vibe it gave off, and I liked that they included Eminem and his music with a twist. I don’t know much about this topic, however it gave a lasting impression. I like the idea that Chryslers are made in the United States, and I like that they made it clear that the car is made from Detroit.

  19. she talked to McCain’s campaign people about, and “recieved an email from them on his behalf”. Telling them to go fuck themselves would have involved truly disassociating himself from the the people behing the ad, and telling them not to work toward his election. That would have been a maverick move, but he hasn’t even threatened to do that. Instead, he spoke out about it just loudly enough to make himself look good, while still reaping the benefits of the ad.

  20. Je ne pense pas que l »Iran soit dans le top 3. Je ne pense pas que l’Iran soit forcement meme pire que l’Algerie ou le Maroc en termes de violation de droits de l’homme. En revanche, effectivement, je fais la distinction entre les violations des droits de l’homme dans le monde occidental et celles qui ont lieu en Iran.Libre a vous d’etre en desaccord.

  21. Et pendant ce temps là, à l’Assemblée….MaJ, 06/03/2012, 16h56 : par 285 voix pour, 173 contre, sur 458 suffrages exprimés, le fichage des « gens honnêtes » a été adopté à l’Assemblée. Jean-Jacques Urvoas (PS) a déclaré qu’il allait dès demain déposer un recours au Conseil Constitutionnel.

  22. “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  23. Give A Brick treasurer Dr Egg is doing a sponsored hair shave for Give A Brick. You can read an update on that tomorrow accompanied by photographs. My youngest sister is investigating bungee jumping for charity. There’s even talk of a sponsored cake making event

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  26. What a powerful, poignant post, one that resonates with me in many ways. I’m inspired by your willingness to examine your relationship with alcohol and determine what exactly you are escaping from – not a task for the faint-hearted! Congratulations on your willingness to rediscover/rebirth yourself and your courage to be seen. God speed!

  27. Aren’t iphones awesome,KC? I *heart* mine, though I do suck so bad at typing on it. I use the backspace key a lot. Lol And the monster in the closet thing…that’s why I haven’t read any of the BCP books yet. ‘Cause that would so be me, waking up the hubby in the middle of the night. LOL I’ve read other, non-spooky books by Ally Blue and loved them (‘Easy’ is one of my favs).

  28. Dottor Tornielli, da come lei scrive si sarebbe indotti nell’errore di credere che la solennità liturgica dell’Assunta sia stata istituita solo nel 1950 a seguito del dogma definito da Pio XII invece è la più antica festa mariana. Tra l’altro Pio XII proclamò il dogma dell’Assunzione di Maria in anima e corpo al cielo non il 15 agosto bensì il Primo Novembre nella solennità di Tutti i Santi.

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  32. I actually think the Lakers would match up better against San Antonio and Miami. ___Correct. The Clippers match up much better with OKC than the Lakers do, in large part because of Chris Paul’s talents at ball security, playmaking, and clock management. The Clips were 3-1 vs OKC, but the Clippers will have a rough time competing with the Spurs. This is the series, and the round, where Stern really hurt the Lakers.

  33. The Tea Partiers are poorly understood through standard media. They’re misrepresented every bit as much as Mitt Romney (in comparison with personal accounts of him) or other prominent GOP leaders. The Tea Party is not full of extremists, unless you count a wish for a fiscally responsible government an extreme position.

  34. Nancy,I love all of the pictures! Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. Be careful riding on those Interstates–you know how Marijo and I would rather drive Piedmont than the interstate so you know we think you are really brave for being out there on a bike!! Take care. Thinking of you.Cathy

  35. Lucy, I learned something new about you–that you're a historian by training. So am I, and if it weren't for my assessment over 20 years ago that the supply of history professors far exceeded the demand for them, I'd have a history PhD now. I also think you're on to something–it's long struck me that we're at an important crossroads in defining what we want as societies and communities around the world–the mix and trends re private and public goods (without assuming that public goods=public sector) and the mix and trends re material and nonmaterial goods can be renegotiated in the coming years. If we want. If we can.

  36. Thanks for your Thoughts Carmen. It is amazing to see how different your life can be in just 100 days, when the desire and commitment to change are harnessed and pointed in the right direction. Keep striving for your personal Greatness and thanks for your comment, I love to hear your thoughts.GD

  37. NO AL GOVERNO BERSANI BERLUSCONI CASINI · mercoledì, 5 dicembre 2012, 10:42 amLa mia destra si chiama LEGA NORD, sappiamo benissimo cosa fare, abbiamo un laeader riconosciuto: MARONI, unico che ha acchiappato i mafiosi!!!Il nostro obiettievo è il FEDERALISMO e le MACROREGIONI!Il PdL??? Berlusconi? decidano cosa fare, mi sembrano in confusione totale ed è questa la vostra carta segreta!Babbeo!

  38. Jim McGreevy announced he was gay and in a relationship with someone he had nominated as a homeland security advisor. He announced he would resign with 2 years left in his term but delayed his resignation until it was too late to have a special election, leaving Dick Codey as both acting governor and senate president for 2 years.That’s why we have a Lt Governor.

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  40. I was a “Smither”? It is rather old this endless debate. Alex was good last year, and played a role on a TEAM sport. Did he contribute to to overall sucess of the niners lat year, I would say yes. That makes me a Smither? or is does everyone have to agree with you point of view…

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  47. Hey, haggling is part of the business that they choose…no reason to feel bad. If they truly can’t sell it to you at that price, then they won’t; and the fact that you’re spending ANY money there is helping them out – even if you’re not falling prey to their price gouging. Have fun haggling!

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  50. Just keep thinking and feeling, Hy. Some of this is bittersweet, and I’m pretty much convinced it’s impossible to really understand this stuff — personally I find that I just write and write and write about it til I can put it down for a while; but it never truly makes sense, and maybe it’s not supposed to; it is what it is, and thinking doesn’t make it different. Just keep going, take care of your daughter, and aside from that keep doing what you feel is right. (Blah blah blah, but I mean well. I hope for all the best, happiest things for you.)

  51. listas y checklists –o listas de comprobación– son una herramienta muy pontente para trabajar productivamente. Además, te permiten mantener la calidad de trabajo, ya que te permiten ejecutar las tareas repetitivas siempre de la misma forma. Si quieres hacer algún cambio en el proceso para mejorar el resultado, basta con modificar tu lista de tareas.

  52. In game 6, when the Nuggets continue to double Bynum hard, the Lakers need to make them pay by having one of the other players cut towards the basket on the weak side and getting the ball to him. It won’t work every time, but it’s probably better than settling for and taking long jumpers, certainly the case for players like Barnes. Hard doubles can create holes for the other players to utilize, but I felt that the Lakers never took advantage of them.

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  56. Pedro Serra obrigada!! Os doces são incríveis não perca…Quanto ao Aprazível, cada um diz uma coisa, né? Vou levar sua opinião em consideração, mas curiosa que sou, sei que vou acabar indo lá nem que seja pra conferir e te dar razão…Beijos!

  57. Reminds me of the time I screwed up a simple bunny-hop over a curb. Caught the back wheel, went over the handlebars, dislocated my shoulder blade. Got back up and rode off.It wasn’t until a couple of hundred metres down the road that I got over my shame and called my dad to come and pick me up.

  58. Os comunistas foram pioneiros na globalização: tentaram exportar a revolução até para a África!O Che queria entrar em Angola, com alguma antecipação a 1975…só que percebeu que a África não tem jeito para o comunismo. Ahahaha!Portanto, globalização também é com eles. Nesse caso da miséria em cima da miséria existente.

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  62. 08/11/2012 – 11:08amSi les quedaba algo de dignidad y de credibilidad se acaban de ir por el vater.D.E.P Marca, hemos hecho lo imposible pero estaba muy grave este periodico. Animo y a ver si algun otro de tirada nacional (as, md o sport), se ve la punta de la nariz y retoma lo de INFORMAR, ya verá como aumentan las ventas. El super-pop ya no nos interesa a los que nos gusta el deporte.

  63. Damn! I agree with grinder AND BD. How is that possible? But yeah, this is war as far as I am concerened. And I have a soft spot for the elderly as well, (even wingnut old people)but that man in California…well, let's just say that he might want to wear gloves to his next town hall protest.

  64. Wow, lady, you did a lot of running this weekend! My new shoes feel heavy, too. What is that?And, oh yeah, when Heather and I were on the trail on Saturday, the two women hikers came toward us. The trail is only two-people wide. The stayed shoulder-to-shoulder. I thought they would move, but they didn't! At the last minute, I had to run off the trail to avoid hitting one of them. So rude!

  65. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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  67. You probably mean 650B, which is another major can of worms. Last year it looked like it might catch on for MTB, this year most of the manufacturers abandoned it. Read up on it, it’s interesting stuff; some frames allow you to run 650B wheels on a stock 26″ bike as well!But yeah, it seems that 650B is staying in the rando circles for now.

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  75. Well, technically, Fr Dickinson is right, since Christmas celebrated is not until Dec 25th. The Church celebrates Advent as a time to prepare to celebrate the Nativity. Think about it do we wish people happy birthday months in advance? No, now if I’m not going to see someone on the actual feast day of Dec 25th, I will wish them a Merry Christmas. I agree and support Father in his comments.

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